Sean Wilson


Dr. Sean M.W. Wilson, Founder and CEO of TerraFixing, is leading global expert in adsorption-based gas separations with a speciality in carbon capture. With over a decade of experience in atmospheric carbon removal, he has pioneered the development of the first ever direct air capture (DAC) technology that is geared towards cold climates, enabling DAC for Alaska, Canada, Greenland and other cold climate locations. He obtained his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Ottawa and is at the forefront of the DAC field. Passionate about the environment, Dr Wilson is a proponent for knowledge sharing (both industrially and socially) and community engagement to enable the world to reach its 2050 net zero commitment.

TerraFixing is a Canadian Direct Air Carbon Capture (DAC) start-up with an unfair technological advantage: it leverages cold climates to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at the lowest $/tCO2. Their IP protected technology has the highest efficiency and scalability in the DAC space. Coupled with an aggressive business model, scaling this next generation technology will enable the reversal of global warming and rescue humanity from the pending climate crisis.