Modified Precursors for Zeolite Synthesis

Francois Batllo, Wenyong Lin

Nalco Water: An Ecolab Company
1601 West Diehl Road, Naperville IL, USA

Silica and alumina are materials of considerable practical importance in the catalysis industry. They are used as binders to support active catalytic components (precious metals or zeolites) where they sometimes bring additional catalytic functions. They are also the base precursors for the production of zeolites. The influence of physicochemical characteristics of silica, alumina and their mixtures on the crystallization, physical and catalytic properties of the final zeolite has been the object of many studies. Results have shown that the chemistry, morphology, structure and homogeneity of the individual precursors and their mixtures have a significant impact on the crystallization kinetics and physicochemical characteristics of the resulting catalyst materials. The present work describes the development of silica and alumina precursor materials in various controlled physicochemical molecular configurations and state of homogeneity and their influence on the crystallization kinetics and physical properties of zeolites.