Call for NECZA 2017 Posters

This is the first call for posters for the 21st North East Corridor Zeolite Association (NECZA) Annual Meeting, which will be held on Friday, December 15th, 2017 at the University of Pennsylvania.  As in past years, local undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral researchers are invited to present posters (maximum size 36Ó x 48Ó) of their work to the community on any aspect of zeolite or porous material science. In order to present a poster, an abstract (< 1 page in length, please use template provided) should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc) format to the Poster Chair (Bingjun Xu, no later than December 1st, 2017 (e-mail subject: NECZA 2017-[1st authorŐs name]). 

Two winners will be selected by the organizing committee.  Each of the winners will receive $100 as a prize and will be asked to present their work in a brief informal talk during the afternoon session (15 min time slots: 11 min talks + 4 min questions in front of a friendly and inquisitive audience).  If you would like to be considered for these poster speaker slots and prize money, please indicate this in the email when submitting the abstract; please also bring along a USB-drive with e.g. 5-8 slides to cover the 11-minute talk in case you are select as one of the two winners.  All graduate student poster presenters are strongly encouraged to enter into the competition for the award money and presentation slots.  Post-docs are welcome to present their posters but are not eligible for prizes and the presentation slots. 

NECZA is very proud of this event and views it as one of the regionŐs premier opportunities for graduate students to showcase their work with the local chemical industry professionals.  All graduate students whose work is either directly or indirectly related to synthesis and characterization of zeolites and other porous materials as well as their application in e.g. catalysis and adsorption are encouraged to submit entries. 

The preliminary program for NECZA can be viewed at 

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